Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April FOOLS day!!! This is the FIRST April Fools day that I've not had a joke pulled on me - nor did I pull one on anyone else!! Kinda bummed about that!!! But, I just wanted to post this link for you to AWE at!!! Jodi Smith, one of our NEWEST instructors at the "attic" emailed me this Layout from Ebay!! This lady sold this layout for $760.00!!! I told my husband - can you IMAGINE how happy you'd be if I sold a Layout for that much money........then he said - can you imagine how UNhappy I'd be if YOU were the person that PAID $760.00 for a layout?!?!

And here's another one by the same lady.......she's GOTTA be lovin this!!!

More later!! Have a great week!!



Liz S said...

WOW THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL but $750.00 my husband would kill me.
I would rather take that money and spend it at the Attic and get a whole bunch of new stuff!!!

Thanks for sharing, she does great, detailed work.

Liz S