Monday, April 2, 2007

OH MY GOODNESS.....LOOK at this picture!!! I seriously HATE having my picture taken - I've just NEVER been photogenic - and THIS IS WHY!!! I am ALWAYS doing something goofy!! I get that from my FATHER!! Since we didn't take any photos of our own area, this is the closest that we have!! Everyone was taking pictures of OUR area, to show THIER husbands that THEY didn't have as much CRAP as WE did!!! Shhhhh, don't tell my hubby that!! But, these are pictures that were taken from the CROP CAMP Photosite can view all the photos that Kathy took from CC there!! Here's the website if you'd like to see them!!

Okay - store stuff!!! The commercial officially began running today!! Here's a list of the times that they should be running this week. These are definite times, there will be other times that it will run, but we aren't "guaranteed" those times, so if you see it - let us know your thoughts!!!

4/2 - Monday - Today Show - 8:34 am 4/2 - Replay of 10:00 news - 1:39 am 4/4 - Wed - Jeopardy - 4:11pm 4/5 - Thursday - Regis and Kelly - 10:24 am 4/6 - Friday - KSN News at 5:00pm - 5:05pm 4/7 - Saturday - Law and Order - 9:19pm

Okay - so today we FINALLY got our Stamping Station order in, they are the company that makes our Specialized School paper!!! So, we got some NEW designs!! Oh, and we finally got our Bluestem paper straightened out!! So, it's finally been corrected!!! TRINITY and SOUTHEAST are here too!!

And check out this sweet wreath that Bonnie made!! If you'd like one of your own, you can make one in the class that she's teaching!!! It's on April 24th!! I think it's really sweet and perfect for this time of year!!

So, I've downloaded a trial version of the arcsoft software that some of our instructors use, to "scan and stitch" my 12x12 layouts together and upload them onto my computer, and I must say - it's a pretty snazzy program!! I can't wrap my mind around HOW it does it - but it does!! I highly reccomend it!!! It's the next best thing to having a 12x12 scanner!! Wouldn't THAT be nice!!!! But, I spent my weekend scrapbookin' - it seems that I've got the "bug" back - I think about my scrapbooking CONSTANTLY since Crop Camp!!! But, I thought I'd test out the "stitching" and show you what I've been working on.....these layouts aren't completely finished - I need to add some sewing and journaling to them, but that's for later!!!


Mel Kel said...

I looovvve the pictures of you girls! It looks like it was so much fun!! :) I also want to thank all you girls and everyone who does know me from the store for their prayers and warm thoughts! I really appreciate everyone of one of you! Keep on smiling!