Monday, November 2, 2009


Sooooo, i know that i've been a terrible blogger - if you stop and think about it - i haven't really given you a decent, juicy, filling, informative, humorous blog since before ganza!!! and i'm REALLY sorry! no excuse-well, really i have a LIST as long as my 6 year old!, but not gonna bore you with the details!!! im not sleeping until i get all of our attic friends CAUGHT up on the happenin's around here!!!!

we got our newest little sweetie - Carleigh!!! She's SUCH a doll - and a little diva too! :)

We've been SUPER busy with weekend football games, and weeknight practices - as im sure SO MANY of you can relate to this time of year!

My oldest has been burdened with the ever so dreaded reading glasses!?!?!!? (gets that from his mother! )
Scrap*Funattic 2010 February Crop*A*Ganza sold out in about an hour, a coffee theme this time!! SOOOO many wonderful ideas and surprises for this one!!!
Monica's Calendar class is coming up VERY SOON!!! It's almost full - don't waste any time getting signed up for this one!!!

Our kit club is going strong!!! We are so excited to be growing each month!! And we have even MORE exciting ideas and inspiring designers planned for the future!!
October's Kit was unique......
& FUN......
Novembers kit was FULL of fall colors, warm and fuzzy embellishments and SO many different perspectives!
Notice these kiddos?
Or better yet, notice the "style" of the layout? Jana designed the layouts for this months Chicks in the Attic Kit!!! Ahhhhh, it's SO good to see her in action again!! missed that girl!

Here's your ganza recap - YES, i know that the photos are loaded backwards, and i would normally NEVER post somethin like this - but ive got SO much to tell you that we're just gonna make it work!!

thank you SO much to Ronda Mollenkamp for the WONDERFUL bux break during ganza!

Another WONDERFUL "Kate game" - you had to cut out with your cricut and correctly spell all of the attic gals names!!!....

Another Facebook Challenge - to make Kate some handmade jewelry to sport for the weekend!
i LOVE this photo!! THIS is why we keep doing what we do!! THIS photo says it ALL!
Kates "buddy" one handed scrapper challenge.....
yolanda found using her mouth helped her out a LOT!

Our ganza entertainment for the night......Beyonce and her sister were back for an encore!!!

you REALLY had to be here to REALLY appreciate this!
Lindsay was ONE of the winners of a free ganza seat!!!
a tad bit excited!
which winning balloon will she choose?
each of these balloons had a prize stuffed inside!
another "buddy system" challenge from kate!
you and yor partner had to move around the entire room without touching the balloon!!!
leave it to the sisters to be the winners!!
AND they were being SUPA fast too!

Poor Amy Florio - this was just ONE of the unfortunate events of the weekend-
and she's down!
nothing like a friendly little pillow case relay race in the lobby of the best western amongst scrappin friends!!!
can you imagine what the other hotel guests were thinking......!!???
i love this photo too!! The friendships that have been made - memorable.... i love it!
yeah - this is me - but i'm NOT sure exactly what i'm doing?!?!

Just another one of Kates CRAZY games! - SO MUCH FUN!

ummmm, i was out at my sons football game during this one - so i'm at a loss as to whats going on here?!?!?!?
thanks smyers for pickin' up the balloons!! (since i realized id forgotten about THREE hours later!)
What would we do without our creative JEANYUS?!
and a HUGE shout out to Krusty Mullins' daughters friends for all their help too!! it made it SUPER nice to have the xtra hands!

Assembling the ribbon cups!!

Thats all folks.....for now - no worries - i have MUCHO more to share with you tomorrow!! )


Tiffany said...

You ATTIC girls are the best! Please don't eva forget that!