Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay - as i promised - here are some more photos that i took over the last few weeks, trying to get ya'll caught up!!! :)

We've got some EXCITING news coming your way (at least we're SUPER EXCITED!!...and so will YOU!! .... and you Donna Wunderlich!!;) ) coming your way very an update on all the new stuff thats arrived......we're gearing up for Christmas, black friday, special classes, sales and projects!!!!

So - i'll come back tomorrow with yet another HUGE update!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me - i'm getting back into the swing of things!! .. sLoWlY! :)

The girls and I worked SUPER hard preparing for the garage sale. A Huge thank you to Michielle Doll for volunteering her time on Friday to help us set up!! We have NEVER been able to get out of here before midnight the night before the sale! THANK YOU!! :)

We were POOPED when we were finally done! )
The Piggies & Paws event that we had at the store last week was AWESOME!! We had a great turn out and some family members are getting some wonderful irreplaceable Christmas Gifts!
Danica is SO good at this!! She works VERY well with the kiddos - patient and sweet!! I don't know how she does it!!

The Garage Sale was an ENORMOUS success!!! There were a FEW stickers left after hayden has his choice!! :)
Notice what he's playing with?? PaperKins!??! He LOVES these things and there were PLENTY of them in the garage sale!!
Right before the Garage Sale began....all is peaceful and calm!
Kate stepped in and took the place of Renee for us!! She did an AMAZING job - and i think she might have had a good time as well!!
We got away for an afternoon to visit the patch!

Punkin Carving.....Kord informed me this year that he was too old to Trick or Treat this year!!? WTH!?! i remember being mad .... my mom cuz she made me stop trick or treating when i was 12!!! i would STILL trick or treat if it didn't look a little ODD (just a little!)
i've always wanted to create my own costumes for the kids ..... i've had some great "ideas" but never really sure how to bring them to life!! wellll....that's where Renee comes in!!
I told her that Hayden LOVES legos and i'd LOVE to make him a lego costume!?? ..... ask and ye shall receive!!.....ta da!!!
He LOVES LOVES LOVES this costume!!! STILL plays in it daily!! 5 days AFTER halloween!
Everyone needs a "Renee"! (you can't have mine tho!)
I glued his lego's onto his star wars Darth Vader bucket!! (he was actually a Lego Skeleton from Lego Star Wars!)
Thank you Renee!!! :) you're da bomb diggity!
about a week before halloween - christy came in and asked us for these Prima Blings Flourishes....she'd seen in the latest we decided to create one of our own as well!
i think it's gorgeous!! and you can leave it out through thanksgiving, cuz it's not a jack-o-lantern!!! I like that!!!
LOOK at this costume that one of "favorite" customers!! Each year she and her dh make the most elaborate handmade costumes!! This year, with a little help from their Cricut, some foam board and some crayon banks.....she created the PERFECT little Box Of Crayons!! Can you believe this!?!?
All of this on the back, the REAL crayon box info.
This is not just copied and blown up - she re-created this bar code with her cricut!! You HAD to see this in person to REALLY be blown away!! :)
Wee Wee - from our french maid!! (im sure that's spelled wrong - is it "wi wi"?! or we' we'!?!
Of course, we had to have a visit from THE one and only Dale Earnhardt!

A little over the shoulder pose from our model squirrel!
I couldn't resist this picture!!! If i didn't know better - id think they were brother and sister!! They FIGHT and LOVE as such!