Friday, October 23, 2009

Garage Sale - THIS weekend!

It's FINALLY here!! We're frantically preparing for the garage sale that begins THIS WEEKEND - TOMORROW - SATURDAY OCTOBER 24th at 9:00 AM!!! Get here early - AND a very helpful TIP (compliments of KRUSTY!) bring your laundry baskets, or a box, or something that you could put your items in!! We will have buckets and shopping baskets - but if you'd like to put your stuff down and get another basket, it will be EXTREMELY helpful if we could just label your "laundry basket" and sit it to the side!!!

Here's the low down on the garage sale!! It begins at 9:00am - if you're early - you might just be blessed with our very own VANNA WHITE, who will showcase and share with you different garage sale items while you wait!! There is no negotiating the prices, they are set by the person who previously owned the item, we are not able to negotiate ANY prices with you. If you see an item with a pink line through it - that just means that on Thursday (1/2 price day!) that item will not be allowed to go for 1/2 off!!! Please have patience with EACH OTHER (as well as us!!!) gets a litttttle crowded back there, and you need to just mentally prepare yourself for a "black friday" shopping day!!!

We do not punch Scrap*Funattic Punch Cards for ANY garage sale purchases, nor do we ACCEPT Scrap*Funattic Punch Cards as payment for any garage sale purchases!!! YES, the rest of the store IS open to shop while you're here for the garage sale as well!! (yes, all of these questions have been asked in the past!)

Here are a few before and during photos for you - i'll get some more SPECIFIC photos up here after we're all set up!!! (as well as throughout the week!).....please do not contact the store and ask them to HOLD any special item that you may see in the photos - we are not able to do that.

This was the photo taken YESTERDAY morning!!! you can see we've already rec'd some items!!
Here is another angle - WITH CARLEIGH!! (can you see her?)

ANNNNNNND, here are photos from this morning!!! (and we still have about 5 people that haven't brought their stuff in yet!)
ALSO - tonight - 6:00-8:00 PIGGIES N PAWS!!!! I'm super excited about this!! I haven't told the boys yet - but i can't WAIT!!! I hope you can find time to swing by and get your child's hand and/or foot printed!! Danica does some amazing prints with these things!!!! EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!!! No need to RSVP - just stop by between 6-8!!!! (here at the store!)