Thursday, October 1, 2009

fun, randomness UNedited!

Goooood morning fellow BLOGGERS!! Here are just some random FUN things from around the store (where i seem to be living lately!) that i wanted to share with you!! I don't have a lot of time to "chat" - so i'll just put little captions for you!! So excited about this weekend, Ganza Registration!! There's now a REGISTRATION TAB on the RIGHT HAND side of the bar here.....:) AND hopefully I'll be able to add it to our website today as well (fingers crossed) gotta love technology!!
the boys after being up here for 5 hours!! (this doesn't make me smile, but they are cute!)

I asked the boys to act as though the like each other.....this is what we get!
this picture does these flowers NO justice!! They are PRETTY!! glitter, rhinestones AND they have a POP DOT on the back (i'm a pop dot junkie!)

Danelle - is your heart singing?? we now have ALLLLLLLL the distress colors!!
a little Adorn-it for ya!!
Card Cubbies - back in da house! look at this fun new PURPLE LEATHER one!
Thickers thickers and more tickers - just SOME of the new ones we got!
puffy glitter - LOVE it!
THIS BROWN FOAM (my favorite, foam) MIGHT just have to take the #1 spot in my thickers love!

These green and blue chit chat - OMG they are SOOOOO bright and pretty!!!
Wait for it......wait for it.....wait for it.......wait for it.........(ignore the empty spots....those are on their way!)

THICKERS LOVE! Our ever so famous THICKERS WALL ----- it's getting longer and longer

Krusty worked hard cutting all these pom pom ribbons.....mmmmm makes me smile!

Look at the fabulous new "Onsie" holder we got at Gordman's - Renee "dolled em up"!!

These are just some of the layouts (most recent) that krusty did at maple memories - i just LOVE LOVE LOVE her fresh, fun style!

All of her layouts - makes me smile!

Monica is going to be having a caledar class in November!!!! This calendar is AWESOME, very neutral, as you can pick a "male" themed or a "female" themed - these are just a few of the random months.......

Okay - this one needs some we call Gordmans WEST because the East store was out of our "Onsie holders" (also known as a flower pot holder!)......they have them! GREAT - can you hold them for us? SURE!!! YES, please hold them under the name "Scrap*Funattic"...HUH!? S C R A P (she didn't spell it - she just said is slowlllly!) Fun attic...... She picks them up - brings them back and THIS is what the guy wrote on the ticket!!!!!!!!!!! OMG we laughed and laughed!!!

Ahhhhh doodlebug - it's been a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing makes me happier (well a few other things i can think of!) than a PILE of BRAND SPANKIN' NEW SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES!)

NEW custom School paper is here - You WILL LOVE this......kudos to renee for picking this!

SURRRIOUSLY!?!? who uses peanuts anymore!!? My boys had these ALLLLLLL over the back office...

OKAY - last weekend we had a baby shower for our good friend Danelle (and now instructor!). We all made her baby (Paisley) custom ONeSIES!!! AREN'T these KKK AAA UUU TTT EEE~~

Note the "Paisley" on the BUTT!!?!

okay - so there you have it - that's our last two weeks in a nut shell - i left out all the drama and mess of the store!! :) i hope you enjoyed it!! I know ya'll missed me!!! waaa haaaa!!!!