Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, the Fly In this weekend was a soggy success!!! Even WITH the rain, we still managed to have a great time, a great crowd, and a great "show"!!! I got some FAHBULOUS pictures - i need to remember to download them and look them over soon......LAST year when we had the fly-in i took over 600 pictures!!! Do you know, that to this day i have YET to look at them!?!?!
Does anyone else do that!?!?!
You take and take and take photos, have GREAT ideas for what you're going to do with those might even get them uploaded onto your computer, or favorite site, but have NOT gone through and looked at them!?!?
Wellllll, THIS is your MONDAY CHALLENGE/IDEA/SUBJECT thingy ma bob!! We all know that summer is a HARD time to fit in scrapbooking, or ANY hobby that takes place indoors. Why don't you make SUMMER a time for you to organize your digital photos!??!! If you're anything like me (and mom!) the kiddos like to spend LOADS of time by the pool!! I charge my computer over night and when the kids are swimmin' i'm on my computer for part of the time!!! I'm going to make it a point to organize ALL of 2008 photos before the summer is up!! (i don't like to set my goals too high anymore!!)
I'm wanting some feedback and suggestions or comments about what works for me (PLEASE DO THIS!) and let me know WHAT or HOW you organize your photos...what software do you use? what website is your favorite? HOW do you organize them, by date? event? theme?!! do you "star" your photos?! do you journal a lil somethin about each one!?!? I am looking for some fresh and EASY NEW ways to organize my photos, so that i can easily find them when i need to! email me - i wanna know!!!! i'm gonna pick one lucky winner for a lil prize!!!