Monday, June 15, 2009


"Every day isn't always SUNNY, some day's you're the PIGEON, and some day's you're the STATUE"!!! ~

i read that quote while eating at Jimmy Johns over the weekend, and thought to myself....AH HA - that's it!! That sum's up the last week for me!! Ever have those days, minutes, and i call it the "poor me's"!! but this goes a little further!! I'm MUCHO better now - and no need for pitty parties around here - but thought you'd like to know exactly WHY i've been MIA!?! I have something i need to confess to you - my fellow blog readers out in blog land.....something i need to get off my chest........

I have been creatively frustrated for a while now...a LONG while now.......LONG LONG LONG while. The truth is, i haven't scrapbooked ON MY OWN for THREE YEARS!!! WHAT?!?! did i just say that?!?! What does ON MY OWN mean you may be asking....well - we talk about "scrap-lifting", sketches, page maps, etc. etc. ...... i've used a sketch or a scrap-lift, which TECHNICALLY IS STILL SCRAPBOOKING - i'm NOT hate'in on sketches or lifts - but i just have not been able to THINK CREATIVELY on my OWN for 3 years!!! SOOOOO, seeeeee, it DOES happen to other people!!!! (we hear this all the time!)

Although recently it's gotten pretty bad!! It's affecting my MOOD!!! I've been so BLAH, UCK!! Anyway - so last week, i'd finally had it!! i was NOT going to go one more day without scrapbooking.....SOOOO that meant NO blogging, NO cleaning, NO newsletter, NO laundry, (however i did fit in swimming, the zoo and the park!....but those are the kids FUN things, NOT mine! riiigghhtt!!) So there you have it - there's my "excuse" if you will.....i've just been so DOWN about this that i just wasn't any fun to even BE around, therefore i didn't feel the need to spread it into the blog world!!! I did make 2 kits for the kit wall - ORIGINALS!!! no lifts (although i did LIFT a technique, paper rolling!!) I feel SO MUCH better - i think sometimes you just have to say "I AM NOT GOING ONE MORE DAY WITHOUT EXPRESSING MY CREATIVITY"!! How SILLY does that sound - but it worked for me.......AND - i was looking forward to my friday cropping buddies, and only 1/4 of them showed up?!?! wassup with that girls?!?!?! Sher-REAL was here!!! Maybe this friday!??!

What else.....OH!! Renee spent sunday afternoon cleaning up and re-arranging our ribbon wall!! whadaya think!??! i thought it would be a nice change......

And....LAST monday - we had the honor of meeting Lori Paul's Online Scrapbooking Group "DMarie".....there were 14 ( i think that's what she said! ) women that came from all over....Las
Vegas, California, Missouri, Illinois, and other places, i know i'm forgetting!! They were spending a few days in McPherson at Maple Memories and drove down here to shop!! THANK YOU LORI!!! I hope your you and your ladies had a WONDERFUL time at Maple Memories!!!
SOooo Kristy has been at it again.....look at this WONDERFUL Recipe Stand that she altered!!! When we received these in I thought it would be a great idea to have one in the store....passed it off to krusty and THIS is what she created!!! You could also use this FOR your recipe books, to display a page, to hold your magazines/sketches while you're scrapbooking, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Okay - now for your MONDAY Challenge/Idea/Sketch/Product/Suggestion....whatever!!! How many times have you heard SOMEONE (your kiddos, grandkiddos, spouse, sibling, parent, QUOTE, just ANYONE) say something that you thought was PRICELESS?!?!?! This happens to me OFTEN and i think to myself - OH that would make a GREAT title to a scrapbook page!!!......for example.....Renee told a story this weekend of her daughter, lauren...she'd been in VBS this last week, and was "re-capping" the week....lauren was telling us how Jesus "Rose from the dead" ..... however SHE said he "Froze from the dead!" ...... HA!! Ella, Kristy's daughter, calls her "goggles" "GoBBles"!!!!! OMG how CUTE is that for a title!?!?! Soooo, keep your eyes and ears open for these things.....write them down, put them in your Iphone, blackberry or whatever and when you're scrapbookin' those pictures, you will have the PERFECT title!! It also helps to break up the monotony of your pages and titles!!!!

last week was a sad day for us gals at the attic!! you may or may no know - that we LOVE LOVE LOVE our Brian the UPS Man....LOVE HIM!! He's such a great, fun guy!! Prompt, nice, laughs a TON, just a "good ol' boy"!!! Well, yesterday was his LAST day to run our route :( ( I KNOW - you are SO SAD for us!) Thought we'd share this great picture of him with you - we'll miss you BRIAN!!!!

AND - we have MORE kokuyo permanent adhesive in!! We shouldn't run out for at LEAST 1 week!! :)
OH!! Annndd we have a Scrapbook 101 class scheduled for this tuesday evening at 6:30 - there's
still time to get signed up for that!! AND, Laura's FIRST official class is THIS Thursday at 6:30 as well!! $15.00 and make your fathers day gift!!!! Call and get signed up!!

okay - well, i'm having a hard time staying focused today!! imagine THAT for a monday! i'm sure that this post is EXTREMELY random for some of you, i apologize!! i promise to do better tomorrow!! :) have a great monday!!