Thursday, June 25, 2009

happy happy BIRTHDAY to RENEE!!

Happy Birthday Friend!!!

Why such the sad face?

She laid to rest her very last pair of her favorite JCrew Flip Flops :( Let's give her a moment of silence........

okay - we're a TAD bit excited for this upcoming weekend!! we are going on a weekend trip to McPherson's MAPLE MEMORIES!! CANNOT wait!! SUPER pumped!! Whats that? You'd like to go??!! Wellll, we have TWO spots remaining for our September 18th-20th and there are FIVE remaining for the November 13th-15th weekend!!! Call and reserve your spot NOW!! We (hopefully) will sell out!!! $115.00 and includes your food for the weekend!!! (if you pay with a credit card there is an additional $5.00 charge!) LOADS of fun!! :)

Got some new Lego paper in....dana - have you seen it???

AND - speaking of Dana - make sure you stop in and say hi to Krusty and Dana this weekend - they'll be holdin' down the fort while mom, renee and i are at MM!!!

Okay - i'm outa here - sorry - kind of a short post!!! have a great weekend!!