Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's herrreee!! :)

okay - here it is - your first sneek at the Sweet Escape Ganza shirt logo!!

Heres the logo up close

the {2009} will be on the BACK at the top TAG area!!

Heres what it will look like on the actual shirt

Keep in mind we will offer Long Sleeve "raglan" (christie i hope i spelled that right)! The sleeves will be PINK and the body will be white (kinda like a "baseball" T!) - - - Short Sleeve T's - - - - Sweatshirts with a hoodie and pocket in the front - as well as yoga pants with a cute lil cupcake on the hip!! :) I will have pricing on all of this by tomorrow!! AND - we will be wearing a sampling of the shirts at registration for you to see - so if you're registering in person you'll get to see them!! Remember - you have until 2 weeks prior to ganza to order these!!!
Also - Saturday the November Layout of the month will be available!! I will have pictures tomorrow

I hope you're ready!!