Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Happy Friday!!! Okay - here's a run down of some of the new (and old, new again!) items that have arrived this week......Imaginisce HALLOWHIMSY line - LOVE THIS!! (roeder - the spider blingy thingys (!) did NOT arrive yet - i will call you when they do!) But - our halloween section is GROWING!! Kinda like gremlins.....(mom says we have WAY TOO MUCH halloween - WHAT?!?! - you can NEVER have TOO much halloween...can you?? Kelli - can you!?!) :) Some ADORABLE new Doodlebug brads - these things are SO SUPER CUTE and LIL bitty!!!

So - come in and check all of THAT schtuff out, BEFORE you head off to the PATCH or TRICK OR TREATING...cuz it's GONNA GO FAST!!! (speaking of patch....sarah and i were GONNA head out on monday to take the kiddos - guess what - they close at THREE pm!?!?! so - we're going THIS Sunday - once again - just like in the years past - i wait until it's COLD, MUDDY AND WINDY!! :( .... you'd think i'd learn?!?!)
John Deere - YEP!! We've restocked our John Deere kits - PLUS these CUTE LIL ADORABLE BRADS!!! (we get asked for john Deere MONTHLY - so it's back in stock!) aren't these brads CUUUUUUUTE!!??

Okay - so for those of you that are IN LOVE with the Sugar Coated, Velvet Crushed and Paper Potpourri from Doodlebug......we now have the assorted packs!! So you can have ALL the colors that you're yearning for in the different various kinds!! :) they are SOOOO beautiful!!!

AND OH MY GOODNESS!!! The new Amy Butler (K&CO.) tool caddy's.....LOVE these!!! (no worries - the shoulder totes are also on their way soon!)

I don't have a photo of this....but we have the NEW Viola! felt ribbon strips from Prima - JUST THE CHRISTMAS ones for now....wanna see how well they go.....also have the 12x12 black and white SWIRLY/GLITTERY transparencies from Prima as well....gorgeous!!
And lastly - our newest Christmas line from My Little Yellow Bicycle.....OMG! you HAVE to see this to appreciate it - it's the TRADITIONAL Christmas paper.....with foil and flocking....gorgeous!!For those of you heading to Ark City for Crop Camp....only TWO WEEKS LEFT!! WOW!! That came reallllly fast!! We are excited to be heading there again for our THIRD year!! MOM is coming with me this time - this is her FIRST CROP CAMP experience......i can't wait!! We are gonna have a blast - as always - those of you heading to CC in November - call or email us and we'll bring along your special requests!!!
CROP*A*GANZA registration is ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! ONE WEEK!! Are you ready!?!? I PROMISE to have the registration form up on the blog and website before the end of the weekend!!! It may only be in EXCEL, but it WILL be there!! I'm waiting on our WONDERFUL SHIRT images to include in your forms!!! So - be on the lookout for those!! I'll have a complete list of vendors up to!!
Soldering class THIS SUNDAY - if you're interested in learning this new TREND, come on in!! For only $30.00 - jana and renee are gonna teach you how to do it!! PLUS - you leave with a 1.5 x 1.5 charm necklace!! There are still open seats! 2:00-4:00pm
Another Christmas idea that you need to start working books from SCRAPBOOKS, ETC!!! The code at the top right of the blog will get you free shipping of your book to our store!! Get to work on those books for gma and gpa BEFORE the Christmas rush hits!!!
Renee busted out TWO new kits yesterday.....TRICK OR TREAT and give Thanks!!! They are adorable!! AND WILL GO FAST!!! Mom's working on two that i think are FABULOUS!!! So be checking out the kit wall (in the crop shop) next time you're in the store!
okay - now, more personally related - i am IN LOVE, INFATUATED with Twilight!! OMG!! I rode EIGHT MILES on the bike this morning reading that book and don't remember ANY OF THE RIDE!!! :) I am ALMOST finished with it.....for those of you that have read it...i'm at the part where she goes to watch them play "baseball" .... OMG!! i canNOT wait to read the next one!! I WILL finish it this weekend...i haven't braved the website yet - don't know if I WANT to know how he (edward) looks - i have a PERFECT GREEK GOD image in my mind and i don't wanna be let down if they don't have him as PERFECT as he is in my mind!!! :) :) :)
*****did ya'll download your song this past monday from ??!?! LOVE this one too!!!
*****super congrats to my cousin, pregnant with TWIN...GIRLS!! :) love you!!!!