Monday, October 20, 2008

LOONNNNGG POST!! - grab a drink!! :)

FINALLY!! FINALLY!! FINE-ALLLY!! i have a little time to sit down and update ya'll on whats been happenin' around here!!! WHERE DO I BEGIN!?!?! Let's see - the last update that i remember was the Kyrie Krop.....want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to MOM for filling in for me as a vendor out there......(kord was sick and i was SUPA worried that he was getting strep - but turns out to be allergies!) mom went out there at the last minute to vendor in my place and KRISTY STEPPED UP AND CAME INTO WORK WITH RENEE!!

I appreciate you!!!
THEN, last week - we got some new schtuff in....lets see - what all did we receive in?? Oh - the Simply Swank order finally arrived!! We have the complete sets back in stock, and i also got some of the bubbles - to see how they would do!! We also got a couple of the Christmas Ornament kits to try out as well!! Speaking of Soldering.....we are having our SECOND Basics to Soldering class.....if you're interested in learning how to solder some great charms, come and try it out!! For $30.00 you get HANDS ON instruction and leave with a charm of you own!! Complete with the silk necklace!! :) This class will be held THIS SUNDAY at 2:00pm - 4:00pm After you take that class, if you're interested in making some Christmas gifts - then join Jana and Renee in November for the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT class!!!
The NEW AMM totes are here - i like them!! I "downsized" and bought one of them, to carry my laptop in !! i love it!!! Also - got some LARGE and SLIM OPTIONS organizational totes in - IN PINK AND PURPLE!! LOVE THEM!! :)

Some fun new Queen & Co. felt snowflakes and leaves for fall. Also got the Making Memories Halloween paper and bellies in!!

Jana brought in a TON of her tool caddies for your cup holders - in NEW AND FUN COLORS!! These would make FABULOUS gifts for your girlfriends!!! These little tool caddies fit on your tag-a-long metal cup holder!! I absolutely love mine!! I NEVER HAVE TO SEARCH FOR MY SCISSORS, RUB ON ROLLER, PEN, PAPER PIERCER OR PHOTO CLOTH! It's in my tool caddie!! LOVE IT!!! So - be thinking about those for the holidays!! (i will post photos of these later on this week!)

Have you checked out Renee's Halloween book? This is ADORABLE!! And such a FUN and NEW way to display your halloween photos, year after year!!! I think it would be cute to have it sitting out year after year!!

New kits on the kit wall!! Kristy's been BUSY at it again!! Have to come in and see what's new!

We (Sarah, Renee, Kristy and I) went to Starbucks out West last Thursday for PINK HAIR extensions!! They were $10.00 each and all the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen foundation.....GREAT CAUSE!! So - here are some photos for your enjoyment!!! We had a BLAST!! Afterwards we went to Pei Wei to eat dinner - YUMMM-O!!!

you can BARELY see my two extensions...see em'??Renee - you NEED to wear your hair down more!
This past weekend was our Maple Memories weekend!! In case you don't know what Maple Memories is - click HERE to read more about it!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this house!! It's more than just the house - it's the EXPERIENCE, the TOWN, the COMPANY, all of it!! From the minute i pull into McPherson, i just immediately RELAX!! it's bizarre!! I LOVE IT!!! So - there were only 10 of us this time.......2 of our gals had to stay back for family emergencies and we hope that things are well for them this week ;) ...... we had such a great time!! I am always so bummed when i come back and have NO PICTURES to show - but i am just so relaxed when there that it doesn't even occur to me to take pictures!! i know - WEIRD!!! But Danelle sat with mom, sarah and I - and OMG did we have a great time!!! This is her, just so you can put a face with a name!! (cuz we also have a Danielle, our attic digi princess!) Danica, Sam (who brought her sewing machine and was making a halloween costume for her daughter!), Monica, Dana, Joyce and Lindsey (sister in law!) - we all had SOOOO much fun!! Thank you for joining us and we hope to do this again soon!!!

Usually when Sarah and I would go to crops together we would have "ism's" that we would keep track of for journaling purposes......when we crop with Krusty - we have TONS of krusty-ism's!!! (which i greatly missed you this weekend, krusty has been to MM with me every time and it was very weird not having her there - several times i went to laugh at myself about something, and you weren't there to laugh at me with me!!) Anyway - back to ism's!!! Here are some that COULD make some good Scrapbookin' Shirts!!! Thought you might enjoy them as well!!

"A page without Stickles, is like a day without Sunshine!"
"I'm saving the planet - one glue dot at a time!" (this is funny cuz i was trying to explain to them how i was "thrifty" by using the negative of my foam pop dots"!!)

"Walk softly and carry a big STICKLE"!!! (this one made me cry we laughed so hard!)

And this one - only we can understand - it's one of those - ya had to be there - "it's the sipmle things!!" (i meant to spell that wrong!)

Ohhh, that's some funny stuff there - i know - you had to be there - but you all know (i hope!) what it's like to be at a crop with your girlfriends and have a great time - laughing, makin' memories and then come back and recall the weekend.....ahhhhh, we had so much fun!!! You MUST make that a MUST DO for 2009 - head up to McPherson and spend a weekend!! We walked up to the Main Street Deli as we always do and have the Birds Eye and the Meadowlark - yummy!! They have great lattes too!! Then to the Cooks Nook....then i headed over to the Book Shelf - Danelle was telling me about a book series that she had been reading and was in LOVE with.............she is only the 100th person to mention this series of books to me - so i bought the ENORMOUS book - and i'm HOOKED!! (and i don't read!!) as a matter of fact - Kord came downstairs this morning before school (i got up early to read!) and he says - GASPS "MOMMY - i didn't know you READ"!!!! :) wth!?!? What am i teaching my children!?! That the only thing to life is scrapbooking?!?! DUH!!! :) So - i am enjoying this book!! Thank you Danelle!!

As i usually do, here are our layouts we completed (mom, sarah and i) we were the last to leave and didn't have everyone else do it before they left!! Here are mine!! (21 total layouts!!)

Mom's - she did 19 layouts!!
Sarah's - she did 13 total layouts - for smyers - that's A LOT!! She really enjoyed herself!!

Oh, and if you're heading up to Maple Memories, check out the MINI Scrap*Funattic store in the basement!! We are "trying" this out to see if it's even of any interest to croppers, but we have some basics and some fun stuff down there!!!


So - we have Halloween coming up!! Are you READY!?!? Have you been to the Pumpkin Patch yet?? We went with the KDG class last week - taking the kiddos TONIGHT!! Before the rain hits!! What about Costumes...what are your kiddos gonna be?? Speaking of SPOOKY Halloween schtuff........

(she's gonna KILL me for this one!)
Okay - so we have Scrapbook 101 coming up this Thursday - if you're new to scrapbooking -- or know someone that would like to get started - this is the PERFECT class!! And we only have 2 spots left - so call the store if you're interested 316-733-0029

Crop night this friday night is FULL!! So - if you're signed up, don't forget, we have a waiting list!!
My Little Yellow Bicycle CHRISTMAS is on it's way!! Shipped last week!! YEAH!! This line is just GORGEOUS!! OH - we also have the Imaginisce Fairest of them All line - OH MY it's so gorgeous!!
Ohhh, and Kaiser - we REstocked all that we previously had AND ordered some NEW stuff!! We HAD the princess castle albums and some fun clocks - i'll be re-ordering those again soon!!!

ohhhh (i say that a lot!) had lunch today with Christie (2 chicks) and we (with the help of RENEE, our creative genius!) we have completed the t-shirt design AS WELL as your "gift" that you will receive AT ganza!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT!!??! We haven't even had registration yet!! We will be WEARING the shirtS that you can purchase AT registration on November 1st.....yes, you read that right - SHIRTS!! I will be back with more teasers on that later!! We are giving YOU more options with this ganza!!!
BTW - there is only TWELVE days until Crop*A*Ganza February 2009 registration opens up!! I will be back THIS week with what vendors you can expect to see at our February Ganza!!! :) Have a great week! Thanks for waiting for us!!