Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay - so ONE day until Crop*A*Ganza registration opens!! This is always such a guessing game for us!! We have been asked all week long - "what time should I get here on Saturday morning?" - uhhhhhh, i'm not sure!!! We don't wanna tell you to be here at 7:00am (krusty mullins!!!) and you're the ONLY person in the parking lot until NOON!! But we also don't want to say - ahhhhh, just come in anytime on Saturday and have us sell out again in 30 minutes!!?! So - just use your GUT and come on in whenever you can?!?!?! I just sent out a newsletter reminding everyone of the registration opening on Saturday, so be watching for that!!!

We've been busy this week, preparing for that......adjusting to Smyers being gone.....and receiving some new and restocked stuff in!!! I've also been busy with our instructors....we are gearing up for August when our classes start back up!!! They've got some ADORABLE layouts for you!!!

Monica has completed anADORABLE School Album for her Album in a Day class in August!! You will complete and ENTIRE album in 5 1/5 hours!! It's AWESOME!! She's used the new DCWV Back to School Stack (which i LOVE!)'s $45.00 and you will leave with an ENTIRE ALBUM COMPLETED!! (does not include the actual ALBUM!!) We are limiting the class size on this one - to guarantee personal attention - so if you're considering signing up - you might wanna do that soon!!! (i'll post pics of it soon - they are SOOOOOO cute!)

Kristy is going to begin a new class as well.....well - not NEW - but NEW to her!! She's going to start a BABY class!!! She's been working on her first layouts for the first class (which we're not sure when it is yet....kristy?!?!) and she's used the new Animal Crackers line from Making Memories!! (this JUST might be the cutest baby line EVA!)

Renee has her SECOND "What Matters Most" class this weekend!!!

Jana came in last week and brought some of her best layouts yet....IS ThAT POSsibLE?!?!! :) I'm excited to get her "Toddle Time" and "BOB" & "GIGI" classes back up and running - i can't show you sneeks of her layouts cuz aaahhhmmmmm, she took them with her?!?! I'm thinking she's bringing them with her on Saturday when she comes with our Bux to answer the telephono for ganza registration!! :)

Monica is working on another Scrapbook 101 class, coming up in August!!

We're working on a date and more information for our Soldering class with Renee - so be looking for that as well, we haven't forgotten about it!! :)

We going to sit down tomorow over lunch and finalize our CHA picks and purchases - so i can't WAIT to start recieving THAT stuff!!! Soooooo much cute, cool and AWESOME stuff is coming - and some NEW companies that we've chosen this time - i'll tell you more about that after we've received confirmation from our vendors!!!

I'm happy to report that we've donated $875.00 to Victory in the Valley since November 2007 for the Fight Like a Girl Shirts!!! (extra special thank yous go to Jana for that!!)

Annnnd, i hope this is alright to share with you.....Jana has been sewing lke a maniac!! and she has some GORGEOUS new things to share with all of you at ganza!! I don't wanna tell you too much until i get the go ahead from her - but i'm expecting the demand to be HUGE and i'm certain she'll be taking orders for THESE HOT ITEMS to deliver at Ganza!! I'll show you a picture as soon as she gives me the okay!!

OOOH!!! Don't forget next time you're in to vote on our PHOTO 101 boards!!! We're going to be taking them down at the end of the month and awarding our winner!!! You're voting on the entire board - not the "layout of the board" but the PHOTOGRAPHS ON THE BOARD!!! They are in front of the regsiter!!

Speaking of Photo boards - our next digi and photo 101 class sign up sheets are ready for sign ups!! We only limit these classes to 10 - to guarantee more personal attention in the class - so if you're considering learning Photoshop Elements 5 or 6....or learning more about your camera, give the store a call today!

Regarding your registration forms for ganza - make sure and let me know WHO you're wanting to sit with!! Sometimes these sheets get separated - so just b/c you sign up together doesn't mean i'm going to remember that when doing the seating chart!!! So - the MORE explanation i get on your registration form - the better!!!

OH!!! I wanted to show you the invitations for Kords 8th birthday that Renee and I created!! (more renee, than me!) Aren't they stinkin' CUTE!!!! It's called "Camp Kord"!! They're gonna CAMP - go on a scavenger hunt and roast marshmallows!!!

These are the invites that Kristy "whipped" up for her daughters birthday!

I am sooo excited!! Mom, Kristy and I are heading up to MAPLE MEMORIES again in August....ahhhhhhhhhh i can feel the relaxation coming over me already!!

OOhh!!! Check out our website - - our area crops page has been updated!! Amy May is hosting crops monthly in Benton for those of you out east that are looking for a place to crop all day long!!*

Scrap*Pink - we are hosting an event here that weekend and I'll letcha know more about that next week (i hope!) gotta get through ONE event at a time!!!

Ganza question for important are goodie bags to you when you attend a crop!?!? What about the raffle items?? What would YOU like to see as a Raffle Item at the next crop you attend? Do you think there would be any interest in raffling items from companies or individuals other than Scrapbooking Vendors?!?! If you don't want to sign up for a username on here - email me your response at and let me know - i'm interested in your thoughts and feelings on this topic!!

Think of me Friday night while I'm making 16 dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies for Ganza Registration PINK SATURDAY!!!! :)

I think that's all for now!! i know - kind of a random blog post - just a little inside look at how my brain operates!!! ha ha!! :) For reading my ramblings - i'll leave you with a few images of some new stuff we've rec'd this week!!

Making Memories Chipboard Albums - Ric Rac and Scallop!

New from Glitz - we got a LOT of the rub ons and bling strips!!!

New doodling templates from Crafters Workshop!!! :)

THIS is the new Animal Crackers from Making Memories!! :) LOVE IT!! jack and ella!

We got TONS of the best Glue Pen EVA back in stock!

AND!! FINALLY we have ALLLL of the colors of the TRIMS from Doodlebug BACK IN DA HOUSE!!


doggiemom said...

Man o Man, have I got to get out there one of these days. Love some of the new stuff. Since I didn't get attend last Ganza, not sure how you all did the raffles but I think the ons in the past have all been great. Maybe you could get local restaurants, craft stores, boutiques, individuals to donate if they knew raffle money was going to a donation of some sort. It was really cool to see all the crops donate a space to come to their next event too.

Liz S said...

I don't think goody bags are all that important for a crop. Honestly how many people really read what's inside the bag? I know personally once a crop is over it takes me months to even go through the goody bag and after that most of it ends up in the trash, sorry :(.

As far as the auctions go I think having outside items (outside scrapbooking) is a great idea. I for one loved the scent burner that was at last Ganza, I wouldn't mind buying a raffle ticket or two for that. And, oh yeah, what about a gas card, I think you might get a lot of ticket sales on that one right about now.

Just my 3 cents worth.

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

WOW... what a great big blog

;) just kidding... well I personally love the goodies we get. I know you guys go through alot to get us them however I really like the cups too...what about asking area resturaunts to give out discount coupons for a particular meal or something like that and give us another cup :). I also liked the challanges to that were in the bag as for a contest.. Either way I feel you guys do a greatjob so whatever you decide I am game with. I am :)

Tarra said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the adorable school album Monica is going to teach. I've been needing to get my son an album done of his 1st year in Pre-School. Hard to believe I haven't even stated and school will start again in a month. Guess I'll be signing up for this one! I definately need this class to push me along...