Thursday, July 10, 2008

in my defense......................... (!)

Okay - IN MY DEFENSE!!! I have posted TWO new posts this week - AND lost both of them due to COMPUTER ISSUES!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! I was VERY frustrated, so i have given myself a couple of days away and now i'm back to try again - THIRD TIMES A CHARM right?!

Finally cleaned out my car from Ganza!!! WHAT does that mean!?!? 1) i'm lazy?! 2) i'm SUPA busy or 3) i NEVER scrapbook?!?! You pick!!!
For those of you that pre-ordered your Ganza Layouts AT Ganza - we are still waiting on the paper to arrive - but no worries - we have a list and we'll get them to you as soon as possible!!
Mom and I are trying to get used to not having Sarah around.....sad really!! I am trying to get the hang of taking over all the behind the scenes JUNK (just kidding!) that goes into Crop*A*Ganza!!! It COULD just be that we JUST finished June Ganza, but this seems to be VERY overwhelming!!! But, have no fear - I WILL PERSEVERE!!!! :)
Soooo - you might have noticed that the SEPTEMBER CAG Registration form is now at the side of the blog!! You can print it off and have it ready to go.....registration opens on SATURDAY JUNE 19th!!!! 9:00AM!! ****************YES i know that we are having issues with it NOW - but give me the day and I'll have it ready!! :)

We will be ready, at that time, to take your registrations by PHONE (our lovely JANA will be helping with our phone in registrations!) 316-733-0029 can COME in and see US in person (you might be one of the lucky ones to try one of STEFFANIE's FAMOUS homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies!) OR you could fax it in!!! 316-733-4922......please know that it is first come first serve - so we will get the phone and faxes as fast as we can - but the people that are here to register in person will be the first ones we honor!!! :)

***some of the things we are changing this time: 1) - we've lowered the price to $80.00 !!!! HOWEVER - we are NOT supplying catered MEALS this time!! The feedback has been GREAT from this decision!!! We WILL still have the hospitality room!! 2) - we are opening up entry to the crop room EARLY!! You can now arrive and set up at noon on Friday the 12th!!! So - you can take the entire day off work and not feel as though it's been wasted!!! *******(this will also allow you to make appointments for early massages and pedicure appointments!!) 3) - when reserving your room at the Best Western - please make sure and request a room AWAY from the South Atrium if you do not want to be bothered with the noise!!! Make sure and tell them that you are with Scrap*Funattic or Crop*A*Ganza so that you can be locked into our room rate of $79.99.

The theme this time is "Don't Worry Be Happy"!! I am LOOKING for a SMILEY face icon for our countdown ticker, but haven't had much luck lately!!! But, i'm looking at smiley face decor!!! So - be on the lookout for me, if you're out and about!!!

How was your 4th of july!!? We had a GREAT day - full of relaxation, fun, laughs, and good times!! Here are just a few of the pics from our day!! I couldn't resist the one with renee on the slip and slide - she's gonna KILL me - but owell!! It'll make your day!!!

You need to check out Tracy's blog: she has updated it with ALL of the layouts that were submitted at ganza for Mikey's album!! Read more about that HERE!!!
Also - here's the flier for the SEPTEMBER Scrapbooking and Stamping Garage Sale -held each year by Jennifer Huelsman:

Garage Sale Event

New location at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church
Located at 3700 E. Mt. Vernon
(just East of Hillside on Mt. Vernon)

Saturday, September 6th, 2008
10am to 3pm

Several tables of Scrapbooking and Stamping supplies.
Use and New/unused items for sale.
Cardstock, patterned papers, kits, ribbons, punches, stickers, eyelets,
stamps, fibers, diecuts, brads, stencils, albums, embellishments galore and
FREE admission to shop

If you would like to rent space to sell your unwanted supplies, please contact
Jennifer Huelsman at 619-6226 after 5:30pm weekdays or anytime weekends
Email me at with “garage sale” in the subject line.

The price is $10 for your first table w/add’l. tables for $5 each due on Sale day
Sellers are responsible for their merchandise and change for customers.
Space is limited so reserve your tables now.

We've got the information for our next digi and photo 101 class!!!

The DIGI class will begin on August 21st and run every OTHER Thursday night from 6:30-8:30.....we are excited to have Danielle join our team and she's up for the challenge of teaching you how to use Photoshop Elements 5 and/or 6!!! So - give the store a call if you're interested in signing up for that!! It's $120.00 for the entire 6 week class - and you will leave with a few printed layouts as well as a 6x6 album when the class is complete!!!

The Photo 101 class will begin on October 11th and run every Saturday from 10:00-noon for six weeks - ending on November 15th - with TWO field trips replacing in store classes!! It is also $120.00 for the six week class and you can call and reserve your spot NOW!

Between all of that....i'm also trying to dedicate more time to OLIVER!! Our new puppy!! He's also learning to take on the new role as "Store Mascot"!! I've been watching a LOT of the "Dog Whisperer"!! LOVE THAT SHOW!!! But, here's a few shots of him over the last two weeks!!!
Yes, I do realize HE is BOY - - - - he's just a MetroSexual DOG who happens to LOVE his blue bow!!!
I think that's all for now!! Hope you're having a great week, and I'll be sending out another email newsletter soon - so be looking for that!!


Michielle said...

Hiay Sweet Cheeks!!! Soooo glad to see you posting again. I had a great time at Crop A girls ROCK!!.....Thanks for all that you do!!
Hugs and Kisses,

Liz S said...

Sorry Steffanie but it doesn't look like Oliver likes his bow very much, he looks kinda sad, LOL.

I just love him, he's so cute.

Danica said...

Hey Steff-Party City had a ton o' happy face goodies the last time I was there, so you might check them out. Hope you are good, haven't seen you're smiling faces for a while:( I need my "attic fix"-SOON!