Monday, January 10, 2011

Alicia's Organizational Class ReCap with Photos!!

Well, Hello There!! It's me----d.c.!!! Do you all remember me?? I hope so! Sorry I have been gone so long. I took a blogging hiatus which was only planned to last a short time. For a couple of reasons, I have had to extend it and for that I apologize dearly! Our gal Steff just doesn't have the time to blog so our little Attic page has been sorely in need of some updates, wouldn't you agree? When I talked to Steff on Saturday we wondered if between all of our hectic schedules, do we even need to blog? Steff is BRILLIANT at updating fb (and if you are like me that is where I spend the majority of my cyber time!) that enough? Do you feel in the loop and taken care of that way? We would LOVE to hear your feedback here or on fb. The blog is MUCHO time consuming. In a perfect world we would have daily posts but as I'm sure you understand we just can't do it! If we have enough of you out there that want to keep reading the Attic blog, we will do our best to keep updatin'! If not we may just take a break from it all together! You help us decide!
In the mean time, do I have a post for you?!?! How many of you out there have heard about, thought about taking, or have taken Alicia's organizational class? Welllll, let me tell ya. I have taken the class before, a few years back. And when I found out she had agreed to do another round of classes I JUMPED on the chance to spend the day with her again! Not only did I meet some great new scrapbooking friends that first time, I got to sit all day with my stuff and just go though and PURGE. Ahhhh, it feels so good! Not only that, I felt SUPER motivated to keep the ball rolling and get everything in order. I have 3 weekend crops in a row (LUCKY ME!!) coming up so what even better reason to get all my SCHTUFF together!

In the class description it says to "Bring Everything" and that I did!! We stuffed it all into Alicia's car at that! And when she looked at me like I was out of my mind for bringing so much I just reminded her that she wanted us to bring EVERYTHING!!

Now, I did leave a few things at home. I actually have a couple of things (like my big rolling tote and my CITA kit bag) that I feel okay about. I know I didn't want to waste valuable time MESSIN' with it so I left it at home. This is a picture of my space at the beginning of the day:

We started the day with tools... Alicia gives a tutorial (with handouts) of ideas for each phase of the process and then she lets you have at it, asking any questions you have along the way and offering great tips and advice to get your stuff-o-la in order.

This is my tool bag before:

Alicia and the girls at the Attic always give me a hard time about it...they think it looks like my tool bag is "BARFING" scrapbook supplies!! And I would have to agree!! First, I took out several items that I do not use on an every page basis. Second, I purchased an adorable hot pink vinal bag that I had been eyeing for awile to put my punches and scissors in.

That freed up some SERIOUS space for me and I was able to put all of my pens in my orignal bag as well!

We then moved on to paper where I spent the majority of the rest of my day. Let me tell you though, this was BY CHOICE! I have TONS (as I am sure we all do) of paper and I felt like between that and my pictures is where I needed the most work. That is the brilliance behind this class, during each 1.5-2 hour session she gives you each tutorial-then you are free to be. You can move on to the next phase if you feel satified with your progress there (like I did with my tool bag) OR you can go back to what you were working on before.

This was my table mate Rachel. (she actually had her own table across from mine) We spent the day bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing organizational items, and just keeping each other company throughout the process (oh and talking each other into "must have" organizational purchases. Isn't that what scrapbooking friends are for!?!?!). Thanks Rachel-it was fun getting to know you! I look forward to cropping with you! Go Pokes!

And then there is me.... eyeball deep in my stuff, having a ball sorting and hanging out! you can see, I am expecting AGAIN! You may remember that just over a year ago I had a baby girl named Paisley. Well, we are back in business and expecting baby #5 in early April. HE, yes HE, is much anticipated as you can imagine, by his daddy and mommy and FOUR older sisters!

Add my new little guy to the list of reasons I have been a blog slacker in the last months!! :)
I have felt sooo motivated by Alicia's class that I went home and kept on truckin'! I sorted all of my pictures last night and will finish them tonight. I am so excited to have all of my pictures in one place and know exactly what I have to work on!
If you are interested in taking the organizational class call the store asap 316-733-0029 to reserve your spot. The February class is FULL so they have opened up a March 26th date. The class is from 9-5, be on time, you will use EVERY minute!! (The girls had coffee, donuts and pastries for us on Saturday! YUM! Thanks girls!) The cost is $35 which includes lunch, chocolate :), a package of Cropper Hopper page kit planners, Alicia's instruction, step by step checklists and printed tutorials, a 15% discount on all organizational products purchased that day, and 30-45 minutes of one-on-one time with the organizational guru Alicia!!
You won't be sorry!! Well you will if you miss out on the class! Hope to hear some blog feedback and I'll check in again soon. besos, dc


Kristina Scott said...

In response to your facebook question - I don't allow myself to get on facebook during the school year - too much of a time suck for me. Between planning and grading for school, taking care of the kiddos, and studying for my ELL class, I just don't have the time for Facebook. I do check for updates to the blog daily, though. I am sure I am in the minority, so if I have to change and start checking FB only for Steff's updates, I can do that.

aday said...

HELLO LADIES!! Love the post Danelle thanks for doing this for me I appreciate it and riding along with me even though I was afraid that if I had to slam on my brakes I may have had some bling stuck in the back of my head permanetly

linda said...

1. I would love to have Alicia come to my home to organize it for me. There was no way I could bring everything with me to the class. I know I am wasting a lot of space.

2. I am on the computer most of the day and now I have my own blog. I do, however, check my favorite blogs daily but not always Facebook. I think there is so much more info you can put in a blog than you can on a post. Kristina, you are not the only one that checks here. I love the pictures and the information.

Missy said...

You asked for our two cents...I LOVE checking the blog. I do it daily! Yes I have no life! I am very sad when I don't see a new post. With saying that...I also have a blog and know the TREMEDOUS amount of time it takes to keep it updated! Maybe you don't have to write a book but just post a new area of the store or one of you goofy girls. Remember us "west siders" need to have our fix of the attic girls! You know you will not please everyone so MY TWO CENTS are...make it easy on yourself. Too much stress isn't good! But if you continue the blog I will be a faithful follower! Love you girls! CAG...21 day away! Whoooooo hoooooo!!!!!

Chikie said...

I check the blog more than FB. Thanks.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Love the blog. I'm not allowed to get on FB at work (even on my lunch - which is unpaid time) but can check blogs on my lunch and breaks.

Would love to take the organization class. Seriously bring everything? That would be a chore. {shudder} But, I know I have things I'm not using and things that I don't even know how to use (why did I buy them even???). Does she make house calls???

Cricutgirlg said...

What a great blog. I just found you guys from youtude videos. I'm in love . Alicia does so many things like I do for organizing,its amazing! I'd love to visit the store one day.