Sunday, June 10, 2007

HOLY smokes....ONE month.....that's how long its been!!! ONE MONTH!!! Man, time REALLY is just RUSHING by!!! The three of us have been SO involved in our personal lives, that we have let blogging take a back seat!!! Mom had Sydney stay for about a week, so that was nice!!! Rocky is still gone.......the kids are in New Mexico with my in-laws on vacation!!!! And Sarah has been moving.....and moving some more!!!! BUT, I have a TO DO LIST and am in the "checking off mood"!! So, the blog is being updated, the website is being cleaned up and our photo site gallery is being updated as well!!! Renee and I took down ALL the LAYOUTS in the store.....scanned them in and are re-arranging them in the store on our new clipboards and frames!!!! You have to come see them, Kristy and Renee have done such a good job!!! KELLY - when you get back - you gotta get started on some too!!! We figured since we've been open for ONE YEAR THIS MONTH!!! (yahhooo!) that we should probably take down those layouts that have been up for so long and move some stuff around!!!! (big surprise!) So, take some time, next time you're in, to check them out!!! I had mom bring in her albums and I've selected some layouts of hers to display in the store....she is VERY talented, and I want to share them with all of you!!!!

Last month, we said goodbye to Kelli Martin!! :( And its been a little harder than I thought it would be!!! Maybe that's also because my kids haven't been here for a couple of weeks, so I haven't seen her at all, but MAN, do I miss her humor and energy in the store!!!!

I've talked to Alicia, and we're on for the JULY Cropper Hopper "Get Organized" challenge!! It'll be an entire day (Saturday July 21st)! $25.00 - and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much that class has CHANGED my scrapbooking!!! I think of Alicia EVERY TIME I ATTEND A CROP!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I have become so much more efficient with my cropping time and more organized with my really changed my life Alicia!!! THANK YOU!!! If there are more of you out there that have taken one of her Organizational classes - post a comment for her to read!!! "Share the love"!!!!

I'm in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a few's been over 40 days that Rocky's been gone - and we just decided that it'd been LONG ENOUGH!! So, since the kiddos are gone, I just drove up here yesterday and will head back on Wednesday!!! We ate dinner last night at this quaint little rest. in an old style Victorian house (I think it's called Louie's?!?!), anyway - the food was PHENOMENAL!!! I had the first piece of RED MEAT in over six weeks!!! And now, I've FINALLY found Barnes & Noble and am enjoying my STARBUX and getting some things checked off my list!!!

OH my goodness, did you know that we now have the ENTIRE BAZZILL LINE OF CARDSTOCK!??! ALL OF IT, EVERY LAST COLOR!!! It's so BEAUTIFUL.....I'll have to post the photos that I took of the "wall" for your viewing pleasure!
Okay - so, most of you read this blog to see whats come in NEW to the store, so you don't have to come in EVERY DAY...although we'd love to see you EVERYDAY!!! So, here are some things that I can recall that have made it in...over the past week or so!!!

Moxxie ~ 4th of july
ENTIRE LINE of Bazzil!!
New Rusty Pickle
Daisy D's
DCWV Albums and Paper
AL Stamps
New Ribbons
New Wedding
Ranger Dabbers!
Heidi Swapp - RESTOCKED!
Prima Flowers!
Flair~Family, Beach
ALL the Chip Chatter Alphas!!!
New Fancy Pants!
Colorbok Albums
EK Punches
New 12x12 Specialty Albums
I know that I am forgetting some stuff - but my mind is WANDERING towards the other items on my check list!!! But, I also wanted to share with this months issue of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine....check out page 122!!! We are SO excited!!!!

Here's the latest layout mom has completed - and I LOVE it, because it's of photos of my little brother - and these are RARE, because he hardly ever takes a SERIOUS photo!!! Isn't it sweet!

Jana U. was working on this layout at the crop on Friday, and I asked if we could display it in the store for awhile, but I LOVE it!!! Thougt you'd enjoy it as well!!!

The "SIX" layout was also done by Jana, using the CHIP CHATTER (that we now have!)

This is the Layout of the month for JUNE (by Kelli Martin!)...there are only like one or two of these kits left, so if you're wanting it - you'd better hurry!!!

This is the LOTM for July - just a preview, since Kristy finished it so soon!!!

Mom and I leave in next month to head for Chicago for CHA!! Can't wait!!! I've seen some of the pre-releases, and there are some pretty neat things coming out!!! And that means that Crop*A*Ganza is only two months away!!!! (dun*dun*DUN!) Panic mode!!!!

okay - that's all for now......but I PROMISE I will update this blog again VERY SOON!!!! I've got 56 layouts that I've brought with me to complete my journaling on - then I'm going to check out the local scrapbook stores!!! I'm excited!!! There is a woman Rocky works with, Melissa (hi Melissa!) and she told him that there was ANOTHER scrapbook store here in Cheyenne!!! I only thought there was one - the Croppers Coral, so I'm VERY excited to check it out!!! I kinda wished I were staying for an entire week, I could get used to hangin' out at B&N, shopping the local shops and having someone else do my laundry!!!!


aday said...

I thought since noone had made a comment I would. CONGRATS ON YEAR 1!! We love you all!!!!

Sarah Corbett said...

Congrats on your one year!! It was great meeting you all when I was in. Next time I am down from Salina I will definitely be back! For now I will just wish I lived closer! :)
Sarah from Salina